Emergency Services

On pet emergencies, we are the authorities. To guarantee that your pet feels their best again, Feeder Creek Veterinary Services provides a range of services.


Emergency Services Millersport, OH

Pet owners and their cherished animals may experience worry when a pet emergency arises at any time. When your pet is in need of rapid medical assistance due to a health emergency, animal emergency services are essential. We have a doctor on call 24 hours 7 days a week. He/she is able to handle most. emergencies, but occasionally, they send a more critical patient to an emergency hospital.

Emergency Services

Is there a emergency with my pet?

Pet emergency services can include giving a pet life-saving care as well as quick treatment for serious injuries like a broken limb or dog bite. If a pet’s abrupt development of a major illness, like heat stroke, is not treated right away, it could have life-threatening effects.

Looking for symptoms such as increased panting, labored breathing, lethargy, seizures, vomiting, or trouble walking might help you determine whether your pet is in danger. You need to get your pet to the vet right away if any of these signs appear.