We offer grooming and pet bathing at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services Contact us today to schedule grooming for your four-legged friends


Grooming Millersport, OH

To keep your pet looking and feeling his/her best, our doctors at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services are pleased to provide a variety of grooming services. Our hospital offers bathing, ear cleaning, clipping, anal gland expressions, and nail trimming.

Grooming Veterinary Services

At Feeder Creek Veterinary Services, you can rely on our pet stylists to provide your four-legged fluffy friend the same degree of love and care that you receive from our medical staff. Our pet stylists provide a range of services at our grooming salon to meet all of your pet’s grooming requirements.

Our groomers provide top notch cuts such as:

  • Schnauzer Cuts
  • Puppy Cuts
  • Poodle Cuts
  • Long and Medium Coat dog Shave Downs
  • Lion Cuts for Cats