Laser Surgery

All surgical procedures have the possibility of being carried out using a cutting-edge laser that produces a light beam using CO2 gas that is cleaner and more precise than a scalpel.


Laser Surgery Millersport, OH

The staff at Feeder Creek Veterinary Services serves you and your pet with kindness and respect, regardless of whether you need routine, critical, or aesthetic surgery.

Laser Surgery

A laser reduces bleeding by sealing tiny blood arteries as it penetrates the skin. The laser not only shuts tiny blood arteries but also fluid-transporting lymphatic vessels, preventing fluid accumulation and swelling beneath the skin. The danger of infection following surgery is decreased since the laser’s heat kills microorganisms in the region being sliced. Your pet will recover from the surgery more quickly since there is less bleeding, swelling, pain, and the potential for infection.

Laser Surgery

The laser is frequently used to create incisions and remove diseased tissue because of its unique capacity to vaporize tissue. We can pick out a few cells at a time since it is so exact. The laser closes nerve endings and destroys microorganisms in its path, making patients more comfortable after surgery and hastening recovery time because less tissue stress is caused.

We are one of the few animal hospitals in the region to regularly use this technology. Due to the many advantages of laser surgery, we are dedicated to keeping the cost for our surgical patients as low as possible.