Farm Animals

For the past 25 years, livestock producers across central Ohio have trusted Feeder Creek Veterinary Services to help them improve their livestock operation’s efficiency and profitability.


Farm Animals Millersport, OH

Our team of six veterinarians is able to offer a broad range of expertise, allowing us to accommodate our clients’ needs no matter the situation.

Farm Animals Veterinary Services

Along with providing veterinary services to individuals, we also offer services to many different types of events such as livestock exhibitions, county fairs, and livestock sales/auctions. Some of the events that we currently provide veterinary services for include The Ohio State Fair and many county fairs in central Ohio.

Farm Animals

Our services include:

  • Scheduled herd health checks
  • We have a large area surrounding the clinic that we will travel to whenever possible for farm calls
  • Pregnancy palpation
  • Reproductive consulting
  • Customized vaccination programs
  • Customized deworming/ parasite control programs
  • Dehorning
  • Castration
  • Bull breeding soundness examinations
  • Sick animal exam/ diagnostic testing
  • Emergency services (7 days a week)